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Corrections Corporation of America has Long History of Wage Violations, Poor Treatment of Employees
August 22, 2014


Temple Corrections Corporation of America has Long History of Wage Violations, Poor Treatment of Employeesuniversity acts on ethics complaint filed against authors of private prison study
HRDC joint press release re Temple complaint resolved 2014


Temple university response letter
July 2, 2014


Arizona lawmaker behind $900.000 giveaway in taxpayer funds to private prison company received campaign donations from same firm
HRDC AFSC joint press release re GEO giveaway Mar 31, 2014

Texas Arizona lawmakercourt holds CCA is a governmental body PLN public records suit 2014

prisonlegalnews.org Mar 21, 2014

GEO: SEC excludes shareholder resolution CCA Objects to resolution to lower phone rates, increase communication between prisoners and families
Human Rights Defense Center

GEO: SEC excludes shareholder resolutions

PCI press release, January 2014

American Correctional association meets in Tampa –Organizatin tainted by Conflicts of interest, Private prison influence, Financial incentives
PCI press release, January 2014

Vermont: CCA has to turnover public records
PCI press release, January 2014

Private Prison Awards January 2014
PCI press release, January 2014

Alex Friedman responds to CCA's Kim White

Gun Found in Segregation Cell at Privately-operated Mississippi Prison
PCI press release, Oct 25, 2013

Federal Court Unseals Documents in Motion to Hold Corrections Corporation of America in Contempt for Staffing Violations at Idaho Prison
On August 16, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter, sitting by designation, unsealed a number of court documents related to a motion seeking contempt sanctions against Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s largest for-profit prison company, for violation of a settlement agreement in a lawsuit that alleged high levels of violence at the CCA-operated Idaho Correctional Center (ICC)

Thomas Wierdsma, Sr. V.P. GEO Group, Inc.
Video deposition posted December 6, 2012.

CCA Political Contributions Report 2011

Immigrants prove big business for prison companies
Locking up illegal immigrants has grown profoundly lucrative for the private prisons industry, a reliable pot of revenue that helped keep some of the biggest companies in business.

Justice Policy Institute and Grassroots Leadership letter to Virginia Governor McDonnell  Eleven organizations signed on to urge Governor McDonnell not to privatize the state's civil commitment facility.

Corrections Corporation of America to Lose 9,588 Contract Beds, Misses Out on Two Federal Detention Contracts.
CCA is expected to lose 9,588 California contract beds within the next four years; company misses out on federal immigration detention contracts in Illinois and Florida.

Abolish Private Prisons, Says UCC Southwest Conference Phoenix, AZ.
The 46 churches of the United Church of Christ that comprise the Southwest Conference are calling for the abolition of private prisons.

Prison Bed Profiteers: How Corporations Are Reshaping Criminal Justice in the U.S.
National Council on Crime and Delinquency on  the booming business of private prisons.

Groundbreaking Anti-Prison Rape Shareholder Resolution to be Presented at Annual Meeting of Corrections Corp. of America